Anatomy of a landscaping project on a sloped hillside

There are no enough words to describe my elation that the steep sloped hill is DONE! Yes boys and girls – this project is finished! The final drought tolerant bush and ground cover have been planted and the 30+ slabs of slate rock have been installed.  All has been groomed, watered and as a final act of hope – prayed over.  It is now up to the homeowners to keep this garden alive and thriving!

Below you will find a slideshow chronicling the metamorphosis of this landscaping project.  From start to finish it took several months – mainly because we needed to have the plants take root before we enacted on the final phases.

Read the first installments of this series: Blog 1: Landscaping a Sloped Garden with Drought Resistant Plants,  Blog 2: After the rain the garden grows and grows  and  Blog 3: Fifty Shade of Purple

Thanks to Sepulveda Building Supplies  in Gardena for their patience and support.  Also, to Manfred, my assistant for helping do the “tough stuff”.

Lastly, thanks to all of you for reading.

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