50 shades of purple

We are nearing the end of my work for the Los Angeles County owner of the “hill from hell”.  And, much to (maybe) the owner’s surprise – it is turning out wonderfully.  Slabs of slate and a few “do-dads” will finish off the project nicely within the next week or two.  Then it is a matter of the 3 W’s – Waiting, Weeding and Watering while the “50 shades of purple” grow.

What a difference a few months can make to the front of this beach house! For fun, check out how the house looked the day they moved in to their home in 2012 and just a few weeks ago in 2017.

2012 : Prior to any painting or landscaping. Note the overgrowth of ivy that hid even the view from the side yard to the ocean
So close to finished! Soon we will add about 25 more slabs of slate, additional rock and gravel (even in shades of gold).  Glass hearts were bought on a recent trip to Mexico and they, too, will adorn the landscape.


LAVENDER, LAVENDER, LAVENDER! 50 shades of purple!

There is a lot of color in this garden, but the prominent color is PURPLE.  Three different varieties of lavender and other drought tolerant plants adorn this hill.  In all, about 25 purple plants – many who have grown as fast as some weeds! To offset the purple we added pink foliage (“Hot-lips” to be precise) and a smattering of plantings with orange and yellow hues!  A few white / light grey plants,aka Dusty Miller, were added to make the hill have visual and textural interest. Cacti of different sizes and colors adds to this artistic “palette” giving the casual observer a reason to pause and visually wander over all there is to see! The rocks, including those with gold flicker, just add enough intrigue to have “passer-bys” backtracking to see if their is “fools gold” in the garden!

Purple Butterfly Bushes in the background with lavender and native plants in shades of purple scattered along the hillside.

IMG_2499 (1).jpg



Hot Lips!

IMG_2497 (1).jpgNext post on this project will be, THE FINAL CHAPTER! Stay tuned! And, if you are interested in a landscaping consultation feel free to connect via the contact form below!

Enjoy your weekend!





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