DIY table setting designs

Who doesn’t love a well set dinner table when entertaining guests? Emily Post certainly did! And, so do many others who enjoy entertaining guests all year ’round! Linda knows that her clients enjoy fine food, wine and a lovely table setting!

The composition of a table is very important. Key elements should reflect the theme or food choice.  Don’t have paper table cloths when serving fine wine and lobster!  Also, you have permission to put away the Lenox if you are serving  BBQ ribs!

Below Linda demonstrates how you can achieve many different looks with the same items. It is all a matter of pairings.  She used mixed and matched candles, floral arrangements,  placemats, dishes, napkins and silverware.  See how the integration of different pieces totally changed the appearance?  In essence, you can create hundreds of looks for your table without spending a fortune. Check out great places such as World Market  or Pier 1 for dishes and textiles. While candles and floral pieces can often be found at thrift shops or dollar stores! Having a classy table to impress your friends doesn’t need to break the bank!

Where do all the forks and glasses go? Click here if you need some more tips on setting the perfect table?

Need a recipe to fill those plates? Check out Kitchen Chat with Margaret McSweeney!

Lastly, don’t forget the most important things to add to the table can’t be seen – humor, gratefulness and grace.


The focus color for this pairing was turquoise.
While here we chose more earthy colors
Using an animal print with more orange tones
Same animal print but we accented the brown shades
Pop green with a napkin and floral arrangement that was with the previous settings and note a totally different look!



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