image Here comes the Bride (Resources)

Weddings can be VERY stressful. Some people feel that the stress begins moments after the marriage proposal and eases off just weeks following the honeymoon! Believe me, I have seen this phenomenon time and time again!

In an effort to reduce stress, I have compiled various resources that my colleagues and myself have found helpful!

  1. Get an online planning program for your wedding.  The KNOT, a well known and respected resource for weddings, has their own wedding planning app. From checklists to finding a photographer, this planner is comprehensive and time saver.
  2. Hire a wedding planner. We are not talking about the movie, The WEDDING PLANNER, starring Jennifer Lopez or Matthew McConnaughey, but an actual event expert who can help organize your day and take a multitude of details off your proverbial “wedding plate”.

    Photo credit: Wikipedia
  3. Take a pre-wedding vacation. Go out with your gal or guy friends and have a vacation. We are not talking about a weekend of debauchery but a time to R-E-L-A-X.  Spend sometime at a spa or hit the hiking trails at Yosemite for a weekend.  Whatever you do – put the stress away for the weekend and enjoy just having fun.  Looking for inspiration try the Travel Store in Malaga Cove. My friend, Linda Kahn- Ferrell can help you out!
  4. Remember that the marriage is the focus, not the wedding. Often times we build up the event and forget about the true meaning of the day – a union of two people for a lifetime together.  If you feel that you are “stuck in wedding mode” but fearful of the future- then seek counsel before you indeed say, “I do”.


Blessings to all~


p.s. While I am not Jennifer Lopez, I would be honored to help consult on your wedding decor or serve as your wedding planner. Let’s connect!  

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