Who is YOUR Wedding Event Designer?

I am going to write a shameless blog about wedding event designers – like myself, in the hopes that I pique the interest of soon to be brides, grooms and their parents – in the South Bay – Beach Cities area of Los Angeles.

I love wedding season. You know what I mean?  Wedding season for Californians can be almost year round, but changes with hues chosen and types of flowers.  It is a time when floral arrangements are made with great care and design to coordinate with the venue, dresses and much more!

I like to use colors that are in contrast to the venue.  Lots of blues abound for an ocean wedding so why not use corals, pinks or yellows in your table arrangements?  Bridesmaids are wearing black or a jewel tone color, such as sapphire or emerald? Consider popping the arrangement with lighter tones and lots of natural elements such as sprigs of lavender.

Wedding cakes can be boring if not adorned with fun and colorful elements. Check out the one I did for this recent beach wedding! You don’t need to make the cake “all fancy” – but decorating the table with natural elements and some glass stones of different colors sets the tone for elegance.  The bride and groom were more than pleased, I am happy to say!


I would be honored to connect with those who wish to learn more about affordable ways to decorate your wedding venue.  Please connect with me via my contact form here on my LindaStraleyDesigns.com website.

Thank you!

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