aside Make a resolution to redesign your living space

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WOW, is it already 2016! Time to take stock of how you envision the new year?  Will you be … changing your job? Traveling more? Making a lifestyle change – like getting married? Or something simple- like taking the beige out of your life!

Recently, I was speaking to my network group – The Beach Cities Breakfast Club – and advised them to take the beige out of their living spaces.   Try a little daring color!  If you like to wear teal consider placing it on your walls, too!  One of my clients did just that! She took my dare and painted over the white wall in her dining room and replaced it with a teal wall! (See photo below)  Followed it up with a multi-color rug and teal drapes.  Bye-bye beige!



Stuck on how to make the plunge in revamping your home or work space? How to decide what color scheme  is good for you?  Pinterest is chocked full of ideas to help you pick a color for your interior or exterior of your home!  Check out the copious amounts of posts here.  And don’t forget that a little change can important to recharging your emotional well being.  In fact, here is an article about what color says about your moods! It is not mystery that there is much psychology behind color and moods.Color Wheel

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