The Power of Networking

I have been privileged to meet for several years every Thursday with a powerful and motivating group of women known as the Beach Cities Breakfast Club (BCBC). What makes me so excited about these two dozen women is their ability to promote each other – even if the product or service is one that they don’t need or use.

The founders of the group, Anita Garcia and Maria West, both have very different careers.  Anita represents the Tupperware company while Maria works with mortgages and loans. Polar opposites – but for over 12 years they have successfully kept BCBC alive and thriving.

Each week I have an opportunity to tell these gals about Linda Straley Designs.  Today I was so happy to share that I have uploaded a new website – this one on WordPress!  I am thrilled to be able to use WordPress for with ease and let more people “find me” and subsequently my art, sculpture and design services.  The functionality of my theme allows me to highlight some of my favorite pieces and direct others, like my women’s group, to new creations.

I also hope that here on WordPress I will be able to virtually meet other artists and creative minds  So, please follow me here and use the comment section below to tell me what kind of art an design interest you!

Blessings ~


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